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"Total Eclipse of the Park" DVD

DVD orders usually ship within 3 days via USPS Media Mail.
Depending on your location orders may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.
For shipping outside the US, please contact A. Goodman Productions.
Order your copy of the eclipse that was videoed as it passed over Athens Regional Park in Athens, TN and watch this rare natural phenomenon any time you like!

'Total Eclipse of the Park' DVD cover and disc


Eclipse 2017 "Second Contact" 4x6 prints

By request, prints of the "Diamond Ring" effect are now available! These 4" x 6" color prints are printed on lab-quality Fujifilm thermal photo paper and are just the right size to display on your desk. Show your visitors what you saw in Athens, Tennessee on Eclipse Day!
Delivery by First Class Mail in as little as 4 days.
Order your print of the "Diamond Ring" that occurred as totality swept across Athens Regional Park in Athens, TN!
Prints are $5 mailed to you.

'Diamond Ring' effect print available for $5


December 1st, 2017

After manual motion tracking, a run of semi-automatic tracking, using the star Regulus as an anchor point, followed by another manual pass to compensate for the difference in travel between the sun and other stars, has smoothed out the video to an acceptable level.
Regulus was just barely visible to the left of the sun during totality.
The multiple cameras are synched using their respective time stamps, time codes, and audio tracks to ensure natural transitions between them.

behind the scenes production screenshot of editing
ABOVE: Motion tracking Regulus to smooth the video a little more.
BELOW: Using audio tracks to sync the multiple cameras and interviews.
behind the scenes production screenshot

October 24th, 2017

I know everyone is looking forward to receiving their Eclipse Videos.
Production is progressing, though at a slower pace than anticipated.
Manual motion tracking and key-framing of the 3-hour long partial eclipse video is finally nearing completion.
Remaining editing steps include the final motion tracking of totality, rough cut of the day including interviews and additional camera angles,
Then there are the DVD design and production steps, case design, and assembly.
Finally shipping. Thanks to so much interest, we have a lot of labels to put on a lot of envelopes!

behind the scenes production screenshot of editing
Manual motion tracking in Adobe Premiere CS6 to smooth the video of second contact.
behind the scenes production screenshot

From The Morning Fax, available at WYXI.net:
Diamond ring photo in the Aug 24th Morning Fax (http://www.wyxi.net/morningfax/2017-0824.pdf)